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What benefit does my company gain from having a tenant representative? Can't I just deal directly with brokers?

Your company will gain from comprehensive market knowledge, leverage on transactions, and sole-focus representation. This combines to allow for the best rates and highest concessions you can get in the market. SRG will highlight your options with detailed analysis so that you will know which option best suites your specific organizations requirements. Ralph Simmonds, SRG's Principal, shares over three decades of industry insights to formulate the highest results for your company's long-term needs.

What is single-focus advocacy?

SRG represents the tenant side of the transaction only. Negotiations have typically been run by landlords and their brokers. With SRG, your company receives all the industry-specific knowledge that normally resides on their side, tipping the table in your favor. SRG's ability to package your company turns your company into a desired commodity for tenancy, further enhancing your negotiation ability.

Do you work outside of Southern California?

No. SRG specializes in Southern California because of our vast network of professionals and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. This allows us to perform at our highest level.

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