Please find a partial list of clients below. Asterisks denote multiple transactions and can be clicked to show transaction details.

                *             Abacus Project Management, Inc.           

                                AC&R Advertising           

                *             Advent Software             

                                Akasaka Oritz & Varela Insurance Associates       

                                Ameribanc Group           

                *             American Vanguard Corporation              


                                Amplicon, Inc.   

                *             Anthony & Associates   

                                AT Kearny          

                *             Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company       

                *             Bank of the West            

                *             Bankers Mutual

                *             Booth Mitchel Strange LLP           

                *             Caliber Holdings Corp., Inc.         

                *             California First National Bancorp              

                *             Canfield & Associates, Inc.          

                *             Cardiovascular Devices, Inc.        

                                Cellular Communications Corp. 

                *             Celtic Leasing Corporation           

                                Citation Insurance Company      

                *             Clayton Environmental Consultants        

                *             Coca Cola USA  


                                Collins & Associates       

                                Columbia Life Insurance

                                Conceptual Design Industries     

                                Control Data      

                                Convenant Group           

                *             D’Arcy Masius Benton Bowles, Inc.          

                                Dave Systems, Inc.          

                *             Digital Map Products     

                *             Dougherty & Dougherty

                                Duxford Financial, Inc.   

                *             El Pollo Loco      

                                Epoch Network

                *             Final Assembly, Inc.       

                                First National Financial Corporation        


                *             Formula Consultant, Inc.              

                *             Freeman-McCue Public Relations             

                                General Electric (Appliance)       

                *             Graham & James LLP     

                *             Great American Plan Insurance 

                *             Hill Pinckert Architects, Inc.        

                *             HNTB    

                                Inacomp Computer        

                                Innovative Holdings Group          

                                James Montgomery Engineers, Inc.         

                *             John Laing Homes           

                *             Katten Muchin Zavis Weitzman LLP         

                *             Kennedy/Jenk/Chilton, Inc.         

                *             Kitchell Contractors, Inc.              

                *             Koeller Nebeker Calson & Haluck, LLP     

                                Mower Koeller Nebeker Carlson & Haluck, LLP    

                *             LG&E Power      

                *             Linscott Law & Greenspan          

                *             LSA Associates 

                                Management Solutions

                *             Manning, Selvage & Lee, Inc.      

                                McManus Group             

                *             MDS Consulting

                *             Mendoza Dillon Asociados, Inc. 

                                Metier Management Systems, Inc.          

                *             Michael Brandman Associates   

                                Money Mailer Direct Marketing

                                Morinello, Barone, Holder & Nardulli      

                                Morse Consulting            

                                N.W. Ayer          

                                National Education Corp.             

                *             NBS/Lowry, Inc.

                *             New York Life Insurance

                *             Newmeyer & Dillion, LLP              

                                Newport Generation Ventures, LLC         

                *             Noble Asociados, Inc.    

                *             Nolte & Associates, Inc.

                                O’Neil Environcorp         

                                OOCL (USA), Inc.             

                                Oracle Corporation         

                                Oscar Mayer Food Co.   

                                Pitney Bowes Credit Corp.           

                                Planet Pacific, Inc.           

                                Planning Control International  

                                Popov Engineers, Inc.    


                *             Psomas

                                Ritt Favor, CPA’s              

                *             Ruder Finn Group, LLC   

                                Saatchi & Saatchi             

                *             Samuels, Green & Steel, LLP       



                                Singer Letwak Accountants & Consultants            

                *             SIS – FISERV        

                                Southland Title Corporation       

                *             Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.             

                                SRS Technology, Inc.      

                                SSI Institute       

                *             St. Paul Companies        

                *             St. Paul Fire & Marine  Insurance             

                                Starcom Media Vest Group         

                *             Stoney Miller Consultants, Inc.  

                *             Strottman International

                *             Sun Micro Systems         

                *             Swett & Crawford Group, Inc.    

                                The Burroughs Corp.      

                *             Tsumura International, Inc.         

                                Ultra Systems Defense and Space, Inc.   


                                US America, Inc.              

                                US Energy Technologies, Inc.      

                                US Postal Service             

                *             USI Holding Corp             


                *             VL System          

                *             Wesierski & Zurek LLP   

                *             Westport Properties      

                                Winner & Associates     

                *             Winthrop Couchot, PC  

                                World Title Insurance    

                *             Zenith OptiMedia